3 days in Prague

And my last travel in Baltic states last year was Warsaw – Prague. It lasted 10 hours. I am really a bus traveler!;D

So to Prague I travelled with Ecolines again. I became a loyal client of them cause I use their BONUS system (I collect points for my discounts). Hehe :))

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1 day in Warsaw

I wanted to go to Prague from Tallinn, but I met one guy who told me about Kopernik since center in Warsaw. I’ve found a web and decided to go there. I really love science :)) Web: http://www.kopernik.org.pl/en/

I tried to find flight to warsaw, but…they were too expencive so I went there again with Ecolines. I forgot to tell about their Bonus program. When you buy a ticket you can register your code and you will get a points. Continue reading

1 day in Helsinki

I went to Helsinki by ferry. You need to buy a ticket before 1 hour, I bought it at Talink. It cost 28 EUR – very expensive, but I took some food with me so I didn’t need to buy any. Finland is the most expensive country I have ever been!

The journey took 3 hours. I had to get up at 5 am πŸ˜€ cause the ferry left at 6.30. Very early, but if you want to see Helsinki in 1 day, you have to wake up early. Continue reading

3 days in Riga

I came to Riga from Vilnius. Planned to stay here for 2 days, but I really liked the atmosphere there, so I stayed for 3 days more. I have chosen to travel with bus company ecolines, cause I didn’t know more of them. So, if you travel through Baltic states you can go by ecolines buses. The distance between capitals isn’t big so it is no need to flight. You can sit in the bus, use Wi-fi and after 4 hour you will be in Riga πŸ˜‰

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3 days trip to Vilnius

I’ve came to Vilnius from Berlin with international bus company ECOLINES. Really nice buses with air conditioning, Wi-fi, hot food and sweat stewardess. She asked me if this is my first trip and told me everything (where they stop, how I can invite her, how much time they stands in gas stations and so on).

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Review about trip Berlin – Vilnius with Ecolines

I searched any reviews about Ecolines but haven’t found and decided to write it by myself. Last autumn I visited Baltic countries. One girl from hostel (I stayed in Berlin) recommended me to travel with Ecolines πŸ™‚

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