I love Berlin: 4 days here.


Very huge my lovely city….

I come here by plane. The plane landed in Shoenefeld airport – the last station of S9 train. I knew that first I have to get a ticket so I found BVG machine and tried to bought a ticket for A-B-C zones. Although the automat took my money and printet a ticket where was written ERROR! Wtf?! I was so scared! Thanks God German people are very very nice 😀 I went to information center and they gave me a map where I should go and give that ticket with error and they will back all my money. The second ticket buying was more successfulJ)  (the ticket validates from 3 a.m. to 3 a.m.)


In the train I didn’t find how to mark that ticket. Fucking German language. : D I was walking around that train (there were very few people who didn’t know English). Finally one French girl came to me and showed how to use this system. You have to mark a ticket in yellow box before you go J) And with S9 train I got into city center. I easily  found a hostel cause it was near metro station. The hostel name CityHostel Berlin. Very big hostel but that time it was empty. I put my luggage and went to look around. The hostel was in city center near Berlin University (I think). Every time I went back it was a different way so can’t tell exactly.


The first impression was WOW! So beautiful everywhere! Ancient buildings, smiling people, huge old town, a lot of fashion stores, bars.. First day I was just walking around the center. I have lost for two times but I found some paintings of Banksy and a lot of sweet and beautiful buildings. I walked about 26 km that day!:D so I was dead in the evening… I went to sleep early.


Next day I decided to go to Museum Island. I bought a ticket for 5 museums. Fuck yeah… First two museums were really impressive. I saw Nefertiti’s bust, some mummies, a lot of things from ancient Egypt and Antic, a lot of sculptures, paintings, some impressive rooms from pyramids…

But after two museums I


was so tired and three of five museums were very similar so I just went to sit into them J) In the evening I went into some bars near Aleksanderplatz.

I don’t remember any names of them.  Before the bars I went into some shopping mall. It had the most amazing arc. Here’s a picture of it. You must see this!



Third day I visited Gates of Berlin and Reichstag. Reichstag is very impressive¡ but you have to do the registration there in advance so you don’t need to wait in the line. The dome is all from the glass so you can see all the city from up. The roofs are quite new because everything was destroyed during World Wars. But the park with Berlin Angel looked amazing. It as the autumn so all trees were in different color.  🙂 I went to have my lunch in some Vietnamese restaurant. They were serving very delicious pasta. In the evening I wanted to see East Side gallery cause I’ve heard a lot of about their graffiti.. And those graffiti were spectacular! I have never seen such beautiful painting on the walls. There were famous paintings as Ribbentrop kiss, blue Beatle and now I cannot remember. But you can check it! There are some very nice bars near East Side gallery. The beer was good and you were allowed to smoke inside – what was very weird.

Last day I went to ZOO. I have no pictures from there 😦 I saw orangutans, cuddly koalas, endangered rhinos, playful penguins and Bao Bao, the only giant panda on view in Germany.  It is very big zoo but I haven‘t got enough time for it. I needed go to my bus to Vilnius :/

I really fell in love with Berlin!:))


Must seen list:

  1. East side gallery – great grafitis (near Warschauer Str. stotelės)
  2. Postdamer Plazt in the night
  3. The Gates of Berlin and the angel
  4. The main cathedral
  5. “Acropolis” near Alexanderplazt
  6. University
  7. Shopping centers near ZOO
  8. Reichstag (you have to registrate in advance)
  9. Nice alternative Bars near East Side gallery
  10. ZOO
  11. Main train station

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