Review about trip Berlin – Vilnius with Ecolines

I searched any reviews about Ecolines but haven’t found and decided to write it by myself. Last autumn I visited Baltic countries. One girl from hostel (I stayed in Berlin) recommended me to travel with Ecolines 🙂

So my trip began in Berlin. More about Berlin you can found here:         I come to Berlin by plane (very funny storyJ) and stayed in CityHostel Berlin. It was clean but very big. So it was hard to find some new friends. But the location was perfect! After 4 days I my legs were in big pain J) Cause I walked everywhere by foot! Can you believe it? I found a ticket for 3 EUR to Vilnius in their web So cheap!  I am budget traveler so it was perfect J

The bus station in Berlin was a little far from center so I was a little lost and late. I thought I won’t find any bus. Fortunately the stewardess from Ecolines called me and asked if I come. WOW! I was surprisedJ) I thought buses don’t wait for people who are waiting. So they waited for me 15 minutes. The driver was a little angry that I was late but the stewardess was very nice and caring. She said where my seat is and when we would stop. When the bus moved they showed us a short movie about the bus facilities. It was in 6 languages (English, Russian, German and Baltic languages). They said that inside the bus there is a toilet, wi-fi (it didn’t worked all the time), also you can charge your phone where you sit and they have hot food! I was in rush that I didn’t buy any food or any water :/ So I bought something inside the bus for 3-4 EUR. I think it was a burger. It wasn’t something very special but I was so hungry!:))

The stewardess gave me a blanket for the night because it was a little cold. She asked me if this is my first trip and told me everything (where they stop, how I can invite her, how much time they stands in gas stations and so on). She was really nice but tired. The trip lasted about 16 hour. I had 2 seats on my own so I was really comfortable. I took my pillow (it is very useful) and I had a really good sleeping night. I was so tired from Berlin! I got out several times from bus to make some exercises for my feet.

The stewardess woke me in Vilnius. We got there about 7 o’clock.  I was there first time so it was complicated to find my hostel. The region near station wasn’t very nice but the old town and people there just wow!


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