3 days trip to Vilnius

I’ve came to Vilnius from Berlin with international bus company ECOLINES. Really nice buses with air conditioning, Wi-fi, hot food and sweat stewardess. She asked me if this is my first trip and told me everything (where they stop, how I can invite her, how much time they stands in gas stations and so on).

I’ve lived in Jimmy Jumps house. The owner is Canadian – very funny guy. The hostel was in the old city, near main town square. There working girls were very sweet and helpful. They showed me some places and offered to go to pubcrowl just for 10 EUR. Pubcrawl was really good…just don’t remember how I came back home :))

What I saw in Lithuania:

1. I went to Trakai castle. I chose local transport and the bus was really different from Ecolines. No air conditioning, comfort seats and so on. To Trakai you can get a bus at Bus Station. The tickets are sold in buses or in cash desk. You can pay by card in cash desk 🙂 Also there are several trains to Trakai. But the time wasn’t suitable for me, so I chosen to go to Trakai by bus. You have to eat Kibinai here 🙂

2. KGB museum. It was really sad about Lithuania history. The ticket was about 1-2 EUR

3. Uzupis is the reagion where artist lives. Very small and sweat houses. They have their own government and funny constitution;

4. Gediminas castle and 3 crosses hill;

5. Go to pubcrawl if you want to know a nightlife in Vilnius;

6. I liked a bar Snekutis, cause they had very delicious local beer and local food – cepelinai. The guy who worked there was really not happy that I was foreigner. Happily, I met some local guys who helped me to order some beer.

7. Sum clubs I like – Soul Box, Pogo, Play, UniPub;

8. Some cheap and local food – Fortas Dvaras, Snekutis, Bix Bar, Artistai Pub;

9. I liked Pilies Gatve – main street the most, and Lukiskiu Parkas;

10. They have really cool outside markets 😉

Vilnius – Ryga I’ve chosen again ECOLINES. I was happy with their care and hot coffee, wi-fi. They also recommended me to download their application to Android to know where I am and when we will stop. Very useful application! I bought their ticket in their office cause i didn’t have where to print new ticket from online service.


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