3 days in Prague

And my last travel in Baltic states last year was Warsaw – Prague. It lasted 10 hours. I am really a bus traveler!;D

So to Prague I travelled with Ecolines again. I became a loyal client of them cause I use their BONUS system (I collect points for my discounts). Hehe :))

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1 day in Warsaw

I wanted to go to Prague from Tallinn, but I met one guy who told me about Kopernik since center in Warsaw. I’ve found a web and decided to go there. I really love science :)) Web: http://www.kopernik.org.pl/en/

I tried to find flight to warsaw, but…they were too expencive so I went there again with Ecolines. I forgot to tell about their Bonus program. When you buy a ticket you can register your code and you will get a points. Continue reading

1 day in Helsinki

I went to Helsinki by ferry. You need to buy a ticket before 1 hour, I bought it at Talink. It cost 28 EUR – very expensive, but I took some food with me so I didn’t need to buy any. Finland is the most expensive country I have ever been!

The journey took 3 hours. I had to get up at 5 am 😀 cause the ferry left at 6.30. Very early, but if you want to see Helsinki in 1 day, you have to wake up early. Continue reading