1 day in Warsaw

I wanted to go to Prague from Tallinn, but I met one guy who told me about Kopernik since center in Warsaw. I’ve found a web and decided to go there. I really love science :)) Web: http://www.kopernik.org.pl/en/

I tried to find flight to warsaw, but…they were too expencive so I went there again with Ecolines. I forgot to tell about their Bonus program. When you buy a ticket you can register your code and you will get a points. For these points you can get a free ticket or a big discount. So I bought a ticket to Warsaw with 70% discount! The journey took about 17 hour – like Berlin – Vilnius, just I went with white their bus. It was newer than first time. And I want to thank for Stewardess – she was so so so so sweet. She came to me, asked if I need something several times, brought me a blanket, offered me a different seet where I sit alone cause it was better for sleep. And she always asked about my journey. Thank you VAIDA!;D

I was in Warsaw early morning. Some recomendations there:

  1. There is a bus station in Warsaw center, so you can reach old town very easily;
  2. There weren’t any beds for that time in hostels near old town, so I booked a bed in Hostel Krokodyl. It is far from center but there are some direct and not expensive trams. If you fave a car – here is a perfect location (free parking in their own parking lot). The common room is very cozy, there are free Wi-fi, DVD with lots of films, a lot of games, clean kitchen where you get a breakfast and very friendly team. They have really a lot of information about places in Warsaw :)) I really liked that hostel.
  3. Must go to Kopernik Science Museum. You will buy a ticket for all day – you can do a brake during expositions – just go to eat somewhere in old town, cause the exposotion is very big. There you don’t just look into inventions and read, you can try to do some experiments by yourself. e.g. you can try to do electricity or rest on the needles. I cannot remember everything but it was THE BEST MUSEUM I HAVE EVER BEEN!
  4. There are a lot of small coffees around city center where you can eat. I fount noodles coffee where the food was cheap, delicious and big portions. I cannot remember where is it.
  5. The old town is very small, so it took 40 min to go through it;
  6. There is very beautiful park called Lazienki park – “Baths Park” or “Royal Baths”. A big, with a lot of flowers and trees, The palace is built on the water, and there are a lot of squirrels :))

I cannot recomend any bars – I was too tired after museum, so I went to hostel to take a rest and watch a film. Next day l left to Prague :))


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