2 days in Tallinn

From Riga it isn’t a long journey, just about 4 hours with bus. But the road is so beautiful! You can see the sea from the window, the forests are so beautiful… Fuck yeah, I fell in love with the road ;D

I went to Tallinn again with Ecolines. The bus was the best of all I have traveled. They offered free coffee, Wi-Fi (Estonia didn’t have it 😦 ), very comfortable sits, electricity and they  showed very beautiful videos (ads). I searched them on the internet, cause I liked them a lot:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dz0WYCPVI3Y – this one is awesome. I really liked Tallinn

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3fIn4Lead8 – this one was very sweet :))

So the journey went very fast!

My adventures in Tallinn:

  1. I went to city center from bus station by foot. I thought that I didn’t pay 1,6Eur for ticket, it more expensive than in Rome, Berlin, Vilnius or Tallinn. Fak the system ;D It took me about 1 hour, but I saw very beautiful new buildings.
  2. When I went through city wall, I thought WOW. Really WOW. The wall was blue from lights and everywhere rocks, old buildings..a lot of people (it was Friday night).
  3. I found my hostel: Old Town MunkenHof. I don’t liked it. It was dirty, they didn’t have coffee, tea, sugar, oil. The kitchen was like after disaster. Common room wasn’t also where you want to be. It was very different from Vilnius Jimmy Jumps House – not so sweet and friendly.
  4. I found 2 very interesting bars I have never seen anywhere else. It’s Labor bar and Drakon. Labor bar is a short name from Laboratory. All drinks was in science equipment (I don’t know that English word) and the menu was really big. Very nice interior and idea!
  5. Drakon was like from the Middle ages. There wasn’t any windows, everything was in dark with candle light. All drinks for 2 EUR (they call it money). Great bar, inside is very warm:)
  6. I went to Kadriorg park. Very beautiful park with a lot of flowers, beautiful tunnels of creepers – must see it. It took me a half of my day.
  7. I loved Tallinn city so much that all two days I spent just walking in the streets so I don’t know where to eat. You have to lost in this Medieval city :))
  8. I didn’t visited any museums :)) That 2 days went so fast

Next stop Helsinki 😉


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