3 days in Prague

And my last travel in Baltic states last year was Warsaw – Prague. It lasted 10 hours. I am really a bus traveler!;D

So to Prague I travelled with Ecolines again. I became a loyal client of them cause I use their BONUS system (I collect points for my discounts). Hehe :))

I got a seat in front of the bus! The view – wow. I was higher than trucks’ drivers :)) At the night they showed us the “Life of Pi” – although in Russian cause a lot of ecolines travelers are from Russia. But I really want to learn Russian – I heard that there are very interesting some countries for traveling like Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan and so on. After these days in Baltic counties I learnt some of this language and met some friends (most in Lithuania) who knows Russian!. Thats why I was glad to see Life of Pi in Russian :))

In this bus I met a women from Lithuania who was about 55 and knew English! Cool!  She sat not far from me so we talked a lot. The women was retired but she still worked in her previous job. Every month she went to Germany to her another job. She was looking after the very old women and was visiting her doughter. She told me a lot of funny stories I cannot remember a lot, so the journey went very fast.

Some recomendations what to do in Prague:

  1. This time I lived to my friend (we found him in hospitality.org). Really cool guy – he works at hostel and as a volunteer at night. He lives not far away from center so the journey to center took about 15 min;
  2. Go to free walking tour Prague. They meet every day at 2 pm near main clock. Just search people with yellow umbrellas;
  3. Don’t afraid to live far away from center. The trams goes all night long ;)
  4. If you want bring back some Absent, don’t buy it in center (small shops). Here i is too expensive. You can buy it in every bigger mall (one is near bus station).
  5. There is Jewish cemetery where Kafka is buried (entrance for free but a little far from old town). It was the most beautiful cemetery I have ever visited;
  6. If you are too busy to plan you trip, try this web  http://plnnr.com/wizard/ (I discovered it too late :/)
  7. There are two castles: old one and new one (with St. Vito Cathedral). Old one is more far away, but I liked it more – it has very very beautiful view and there are less tourists;
  8. You must go to CrossClub no matter what will happen to you: http://www.crossclub.cz/cs/ – the most amazing architecture and interior I have ever seen :) )
  9. There is a park on every hill and in every park there is a outside bar ;)
  10.  BEER BEER BEER. Cheap and good – it should cost about 1 EUR;
  11. We found some bars: Propaganda and Akropolis. Propaganda is a night bar in the center of Prague and Akropolis is simple bar where everyone sits and smokes. Also there is alternative night club (with reggae music) in the cellar of Akropolis;
  12. If you wan have a big party, go to pub crawl. They offer a lots of them – just go to the clock and choose which you want;
  13. The most beautiful and cheapest souvenirs are in info centers;
  14. Just go to for a walk in old town (clock, Charles Bridge, Opera House, National museum, The narrowest street, river coast, Jewish cementary, old buildings) ;

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